Handmade sustainable Jewellery for the conscious modern women.

Eleven Eleven Jewellery is a brand making sustainable modern designs, grounded by skilled metalwork. 
Each and every piece of Eleven Eleven Jewellery is handcrafted by me, Cherise Blythe. Using traditional silversmithing techniques in my studio on the coast of West Sussex.Using all of my 14 years of making experience alongside my desire for detail, design and aesthetics goes into my modern designs.

Drawing from influence of growing up in a diverse south London and with the addition of coastal inspirations the designs are focused on simple pure forms, strong textures and bold scale.

Using recycled, reclaimed or sustainable materials in my pieces including all packaging is at the heart of my brand, whilst working in the most ethical way.

All designs are made in small batches with great passion, care and a mindful intention.

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